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FREE bag of Krisp-It for first-time customers!

Pizza Facts:

Why you need Krisp-it

  • Most pizza owners do not think they have a problem with soggy pizza. This is because they look at a pizza when it comes right out of the oven; most pizzas are crispy at this time.

How To Use Krisp-It

  • KRISP-IT is a special formula of all natural ingredients (bleached wheat flour, salt, sugar and yeast).
  • KRISP-IT absorbs the water and oil from the toppings which is about 70-80% of the problem of soggy pizza.
  • KRISP-IT is a moisture absorbent topping conditioner.
  • Since pizza making is inconsistent, the amount of KRISP-IT used depends on how much oil and water comes from your toppings. KRISP-IT must be customized to your operation. You should use anywhere from 1/2 to 1 oz. per pizza.
  • Never mix KRISP-IT when you are making the dough.
  • Absorbing Moisture From The Toppings

    1. Sprinkle KRISP-IT on the pizza just before you put the toppings on. (If you use sauce, cheese and toppings, then you would put sauce, cheese, KRISP-IT (in the center 2/3 of the pie) and then toppings. If you use sauce, toppings and cheese, then you would put sauce, KRISP-IT (in the center 2/3 of the pie, toppings, a small amount of KRISP-IT all over, and then cheese. REMEMBER: KRISP-IT must always go under the toppings.
    2. Sometimes moisture comes from the sauce: Sprinkle a small amount of KRISP-IT in the very center on the top of the sauce, before the cheese.
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Nice things people say about us:

  • We have been using Krisp-It for almost 20 years now. I cannot imagine our carryout pizza without Krisp-It. Thank you!

    Linda Adams

  • During difficult economy times, lots of pizzerias have closed. Thank to Krisp-It, I always have customers and we survived bad times. 

    Tom Lopes