Absorbing Moisture From The Toppings

1. Sprinkle KRISP-IT on the pizza just before you put the toppings on. (If you use sauce, cheese and toppings, then you would put sauce, cheese, KRISP-IT (in the center 2/3 of the pie) and then toppings. If you use sauce, toppings and cheese, then you would put sauce, KRISP-IT (in the center 2/3 of the pie, toppings, a small amount of KRISP-IT all over, and then cheese. REMEMBER: KRISP-IT must always go under the toppings.
2. Sometimes moisture comes from the sauce: Sprinkle a small amount of KRISP-IT in the very center on the top of the sauce, before the cheese.
3. To make a proper test, we suggestthat 2 pies are made. Both using pepperoni and vegetables (the worst scenario). 1 pie is made your regular way, the other pie is made with KRISP-IT. Let both pies stay in a closed box for at least 30 minutes (About the time for an average delivery or take home). When you open the box you will see a big difference.
4. KRISP-IT will prevent grease and water, all over the bottom of the pie and box.
5. Excess Oil Puddles - After your pizza comes out of the oven, sprinkle a very small amount of KRISP-IT right onto the oild puddle then wait about 8 seconds before you cut your pie.
6. KRISP-IT will prevent your cheese from sliding.
7. KRISP-IT will prevent your calzone from being soggy.
8. KRISP-IT will prevent your lasagna from running.