Why you need Krisp-it

  • Most pizza owners do not think they have a problem with soggy pizza. This is because they look at a pizza when it comes right out of the oven; most pizzas are crispy at this time.

  • The problems is that when they cut the pizza in a box for take-home or delivery, all of the oil and water from the toppings seep over the side and go into the dough and the box. Whatever does not seep over the sides remains on the top and creates steam. Results: SOGGY PIZZA.

  • The above fact happens to all pizzas with toppings, some worse than others.

  • When KRISP-IT is applied correctly, KRISP-IT will prevent the excess oil and water (from the toppings) from reaching the dough. This prevents SOGGY pizzas, and assuring a KRISP pizza.

  • Remember - the answer is not "How to make your dough crispy, but how to keep it KRISP."